This is Buddha. Buddha tried to steal my donut.
The smoking terrace at Istanbul airport is the best place on Earth. After Pub 28 in Cairo
Overcrowded. Heavy smoke. A long queue to get a small cup of crappy coffee. Loud music from cheap speakers, even louder chats as people are trying to shout down the speakers. I don’t understand a word. The smoking terrace at the airport is a beautiful place. It resembles a bazaar, and I immediately have fallen in love with this place. Thirsty after the flight where they didn’t serve drinks, I’m standing in the line. It’s difficult to stay focused because of the roaring noises, bright lights and people elbowing their way to bar tables.
‘I’d like a bottle of still water, please,’ I say when it’s finally my turn.
I handle a one hundred dollar bill.
‘Sorry, no change.’
 I don’t have other cash either.
‘Okay, sorry,’ I say and leave, thinking that at Duty Free there might be change.
‘Excuse me,’ a voice behind my back.
I turn around, and there’s a young woman with a baby in a stroll standing.
‘Sorry, I’ve overhead you, you want to buy water?’
‘Yeah, but they don’t have change, it’s fine, I’ll find Duty Free or something.’
‘I have cash,’ the woman says with a heartwarming smile.
‘It’s okay, thank you, don’t bother.’
‘No problem,’ she says and asks me to hold her cup of coffee.
She opens her bag, gets her wallet.
‘I only have euros,’ she says.
‘Oh, sorry, I’ve got dollars,’ I apologise.
‘No problem, just take two euros, it’s enough to buy water,’ she handles me a coin.
‘No, really, thank you, no need.’
‘It’s nothing,’ she insists with a bright smile.
‘Thank you so much,’ I take the coin.
And I went back to the smoking terrace, stood in the queue again, and got a bottle of still water for 1.5$. That beautiful woman has restored by faith in humanity.
up the hill!
I suck at hiking. There're lots of things I suck at (e.g., standing for myself, coping with stress, feeling the emotions), but hiking in the mountains is surely on the top (pardon my pun). The picture above was taken at the highest location I was able to get to. And it was situated almost at the base of the mountain. I am awful.
One night I’m buying a bottle of wine at a local 24/7 shop. The same night at 3 a.m. I go out to tag some walls around, and when I come back, my friend asks me if I wanted some fruit jelly, and I don’t mind having the fruit jelly at all, so at 3:30 a.m. I go to the same shop to buy a fruit jelly pack. The other night I’m buying a carton of milk at 2 a.m.
Throwing up on the
scary fuckers
It was the first time in the past twenty years when for a few days I stayed alone in a house at night. The house wasn’t big, two storeys, a kitchen and a living room on the ground floor, wooden stairs outside, two bedrooms on the first floor, a small fenced front yard. But after my tiny flat the house looked enormous, and each night I felt as if I was in a bad 1980s horror movie. The living room was heavy decorated, there was a glass case full of porcelain and wooden figures. And I was sure that at night those porcelain and wooden figures would come alive. So instead of going to bed, I would go out and tag the walls, because staying outside the house in the dead of a night felt safer. I would return in the morning thinking that the porcelain and wooden figures would be ready for bed by the sunrise. I’m 33, and I’m scared of toys.
Went for a walk to a drug store at midnight. Didn’t find a 24/7 pharmacy. Instead I met some very drunk folks who wanted to pet a stray dog, which I was petting at the moment. They asked me to take their picture with the dog and to send it over. It was a fun experience, since before I hadn’t understood how people met other people so easily while being hammered. Now I know. Then I returned home to find out that there was a 24/7 pharmacy delivery.