typography based works
posters, experimental narratives, flash fiction
spray paint on wood, paper and other surfaces
copy paste, 30x40 cm. on wood
^ communication failure > skip this step, you have to complete this step to proceed, 30x40 cm each or so. on wood
^ reality affects your mental health, spray paint on an X-Ray print, A3 > Ohne Knebel ist Kein Lust (without gag it's no fun), spray paint on an X-Ray print, A3 > fuck dumb rules, mixed media collage on a post envelope, A3 > synthetic feelings, acrylic on an empty pack of windschield washer liquid
let's kill. ink on paper, Polaroid
halt. acrylic & spray paint on Montana 94 box
feeling inadequate. spray paint on a cassette tape
what happens after death?
spray paint on a dead li-ion battery
typography shot on Polaroid
the original on wood is below
hello. may i help you?
yeah, we're looking for troubles. do you have any?
certainly. street fights, knife attacks, driving under influence, special offer today, police chase included

on wood
^ script writing tips > popular porn searches >
spray paint on skateboard & cruiser decks
15 synonyms of male masturbation. spray paint on a skateboard deck. why male? girls don't wank.
when was the last time you went without your phone?
a poster on a broken iPhone
brain fog > black out > no one actually reads what is written on posters > ave, rage (average)
spray paint on paper, 10x15 cm
^ repetitive patterns > dilated pupils > wrong direction > feeling rather empty (a line from Pink Floyd's Paintbox) > bad trip > the dog's bollocks > you're not who you think you're > empty
spray paint on Polaroids. # 7: spray paint on paper, shot on Polaroid
^ what's the point > reality is reliably unreliable, 50x70 cm each or so. on wood
^ boredom > i can explain but i won't coz i don't want to, 20x50 cm or so. on wood