neo-expressionism and new figurative paintings

tomato juice

spray paint, acrylic on wood
tomato juice, 60x60 cm
le subjuntif, 40x40 cm
target audience, 60x60 cm
nach Berlin, 60x60 cm
it doesn't matter what way to go if you don't belong anywhere anyway, 40x40 cm
que nous allions, 30x20 cm or so
x1000rpm. 60x60 cm
Bitumen, 30x40 cm
drnk drvng, 30x40 cm
hangover dogs, 30x40 cm
shit, i feel like an oldtimer, 30x30 cm
untitled, 40x40 cm
untitled, 30x40 cm
3-in-1 coffee sticks, meh, no social interaction, 30x30 cm
zero star, 60x60 cm