my right hand is always left

a series of digital drawings
^ loyalty > a poster for the world suicide prevention day ((September, 10). "I feel guilty for my existence", and other phrases that a person with suicidal thoughts might tell their friends > i forgot where i parked my car yesterday > letters of rejection, motivation killers, and other failures
^ a space pig dog > my facebook password: i have no friends > it's all in your head. today don't forget to take the same meds that you took yesterday > missed opportunities. childhood memories. closed doors. automatic transmission stuck in park. panic attacks. negative automatic thoughts. bad behaviour. cold oatmeal for breakfast at 3 p.m. misused words > lobotomy > a poster for a car spare parts store > the staircase man, the angry broccoli, a dickpic of Tutankhamun mummy, the general's pants, a fake Ancient Egyptian cat, very cheap taxi, fish sticks, and other nonsense. a birthday greeting card which I made for my friend > childhood survivor