paintings. pop art

spray paint, acrylic on wood and canvas
stop preventing suicides, it's natural selection. work on a skateboard desk
^ desperate outskirts. 60x90 cm > "happy" childhood memories, 70x80 cm > do not feed the birds, 40x60 cm. mixed media on canvas
^ your voice doesn't matter. on wood. 30x40 cm or so
on wood
police. 40x40 cm on wood
^ frustrated stick figures, 50x70 cm each
on wood
^ untitled skull, 30x40 cm > pink dog, 50x70 cm
on wood
^ he'll come back, right? > absurdist dog. 30x40 cm each
on wood
^ in school I envied my friend coz she had a mother, I envied my friend coz she had a father. broken families are kinda funny lol (a true story) > to feel, to choose, to open, to run, to return, to die (an odd narrative made out of French -ir verbs)
30x40 cm each, on wood
oil junkies. 30x40 cm
inverted contexts. 40x40 cm on wood
5:15, angels have gone. on a piece of floor tile. 15x15 cm
^ LSD dog, 40x40 cm > my existance (spelling error intentional) doesn't make any sense, 40x40 cm
on wood
traffic. 20x20 cm on wood
racing dog. 30x30 cm on wood
50x80 cm