This is not Art.

Like many artists, I've started my art career with making pop art. I haven't been into pop art for a few years, but recently I've discovered that sometimes I still enjoy it.
Tamagotchi because Tamagotchi was my fav toy when I was a kid. I wasn't allowed to have a real pet. I've got a real pet now, and tho a dog can't be compared to a pixel egg that evolves into some weird pixel creature, I'd love to play with a Tamagotchi again.
It's a joke. Ofc pop art is art.
what the dahmer is going on here?

I bought a new pair of glasses. I specifically wanted aviators and was pretty content with the spectacles I got. Then my friend said that I looked like Jeffrey Dahmer. Ta-ta. Now I need a checkered shirt, I already have a pair of blue jeans and an old Polaroid camera. Actually, I feel a bit uneasy wearing the Dahmer styled spectacles.
portraits of serial killers
one fictional & one real
Okey-dokey, here we go
I feel disrespectful towers the main character, Dr. Lecter, when I’m watching Hannibal movie while eating crisps. I feel like I should have been better prepared, dressed properly for dinner, had posh food served. Crisps? What an insult!
ta-ta. h.
I'm obsessed with certain movies and characters. I'd rewatch them over and over again, and after another rewatch I'd repeat their lines, trying to mimic the actors' intones, for days. Silence of the Lambs is one of those films. The Shining is another one. The list is long.
Each time I watch a movie I notice all the little details and afterwards I wanna everyone to know about the details I’ve noticed. I’m not even sure that my friends really wanna listen to me but I can’t STFU, I need them to know, too.
Banshees of Inisherin
fan art poster
Ed Kemper
Ed Kemper's moustache and spectacles
Mark Renton from 2017
A traumatologist was checking my injured knee and had to examine my other leg, too. He noticed a tattoo on my ankle, and after he was done with the examination, he asked whose portrait it was.
‘It’s Ewan McGregor as Mark Renton in Trainspotting’, I said
‘So young!’ He said kinda respectfully.
This is Art.
Art is my Belgian shepherd. Art deserves to have his own Instagram account, but he doesn't have one. That's why I'm posting his pics randomly to my personal website and to this issue.
Art's full name is Avatar, but I've come up with this shortened form exactly for the reason that people might confuse Art and art, since I'm talking a lot about both. Yes, people often confuse Art and art.
On this photograph: the normal not-staged face of a Belgian malinois.
Art's got a new habit. When he wants attention, he kicks my chair with his leg, while I'm working. Each time he does it, I stop working, sit down on the floor and give him belly rubs, positively reinforcing his new habit. Who trains who?
The dog is about to steal the steak while the human is distracted with loud noises in the other room
The other day I woofed at my dog. He’s used to it, he gets playful. So I woofed, and woofed again, and then I said: ‘Hey, Art, do you know that woof is an example of onomatopoeia?’
Then I repeated onomatopoeia several times and woofed at the dog again.
If dogs can indeed understand us, I’m pretty sure my dog thinks I’m the biggest weirdo he’s met.
My banking app had been blocked and wasn’t working, and my dog had eaten the paper bills, so I couldn’t pay the bills

When I was in middle school, I lied to my German teacher once that I didn't bring my home assignment because my uncle's Labrador had eaten my notebook. To my astonishment, she believed me. I'd never actually imagine that twenty something years later my dog would eat something important, too. Lol.
Like I said, my banking app had been blocked due to a tech error. There was a message on my screen that I needed to contact the bank via phone. What, actually to give a call? No, no, no, thank you, I’m good, you know, we used to live without banking apps and managed to pay and to get paid, so I’m good, no need to call. Anyways, it happened around last November or probably earlier. It’s March 2 today, and I’ve finally given a ring to the bank, and it’s taken 1 min exactly to fix the error and to unblock my app. I didn’t even need to speak much, only to describe the issue. Goddamnit, it took me at least 4 month to prepare myself for a simple 1 min call.
reading social cues
bad at
i hate algorithms
I'm too old for hashtags and algorithms.
A digitally printed poster with some phrases from my notebook.