bad taste

awful fashion

The only way to eat French fries is to dip them into a strawberry sundae.
Due to my autism, I’m extremely sensitive to the clothes I wear. I feel comfortable only in oversized baggy jeans, oversized white t-shirts and/or oversized hoodies, I wear the same pair of Adidas, too. I’ve got two identical sets of each outfit: same jeans, same t-shirt, same hoody. When one set gets dirty, it goes to laundry, and I wear the second set. I look like a cartoon character. It’s like I never wear different clothes.
can't you just stop being autistic? why not? try it!
safe food
because communication is too overwhelming. So I just use flash whenever it makes a photo uglier and thus, somehow, more appealing to my eyes. In case you haven't noticed yet,
I'm good at overexplaining.
I love overexposed photos of food. too bright? absolutely. food doesn't look tasty? sure. idk why I love this aesthetics. I love flash photography, especially portraits taken with flash and with a wide-angle lens. I don't take portraits anymore,
being autistic, not only I take the same pics, I eat the same food, wear the same clothes and do the same things over and over again.
Each time I grate cheese for pasta, somehow I shave my knuckles, too.
Each time I eat pizza I imagine myself being a ninja turtle living in the sewer beneath NYC. Leonardo has always been my favourite turtle coz he wears a blue mask, and blue is my favourite colour.
It's such a familiar strategy. I'm always social camouflaging and mimicking my ability to communicate and to look normal. Reality was too loud and too bright. And yet, it didn't appear real.
The case with wearing a new pair of trainers: they stay clean for exactly one day. And for the same one day I can't feel the pedals.
Countless times when I accidentally knocked over the ashtray. Then the ashtray was stolen.
My toxic trait is to send Star Wars memes to people who didn't watch Star Wars. My toxic trait is to trauma dump and then send memes, as if I'm completely fine.
My new obsession
I'm totally obsessed with the Star Wars spin-offs. I've been a Star Wars fan for a long time, but didn't expect to enjoy the tv series so much. However, the story line, the characters, the little details, the visual effects are fantastic. Andor is my favourite, tho I'm in love with the Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett, too. Probably, I'll make some cool fan art in the future, but for now I'm pretty content with this piece of bad art.
my goodness,
this stuff's mine
The second issue with each and every new pair of shoes.
sock of shame
Art'd stolen my sock. This was his punishment. No animals or socks were harmed.
kids playing on the roof tops
annoying the neighbourhood
If a person is a dickhead, it doesn’t matter whether they have a beautiful dick or not. Having a beautiful dick can’t save them from being a dickhead.

Lisa, my then-friend
For a moment I thought there was a glitch in the Matrix when I spotted this Cayenne from my balcony.
Each time my dog gives a loud fart, he turns around and sniffs his butt. Each time I laugh. Apparently dog handlers are dumb asses who think that dog farts are extremely funny and cute. I feel like me and my dog belong to the Terrance and Philipp show. (We ain’t Canadians tho.)
storm is coming
she sells shotgun shells on the sea shore. and the shells she sells are the shotgun shells I'm sure.
Ketchup stains. Chocolate stains. Toothpaste stains. Coffee stains. I'm made of stains.I’m made of dust. I avoid hovering and vacuum blank conversations that can suck me in.
hello, my name is
I can't fall asleep if I need to get up early