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expireddog is a project by Darry Landberg, a graphic designer, illustrator, & sometimes a fictional writer. The project was created in 2018, but has been on and off ever since due either to the lack of money or the lack of motivation. expireddog is like a Schrödinger's cat.

Erasing Darry & creating Darry is something Darry frequently does.
Having been diagnosed with ASD,
Darry is incapable of being active on social media, as social activities make him stressed.
Darry has a maladaptive strategy of deleting his personal IG every once in a while. On the other hand, Darry creates a lot of decent content that deserves to be seen and recognised.
expireddog is a mix betwen a personal blog & an art magazine. It consists of all the post Darry have already posted and deleted and all the posts Darry would have posted and deleted later.
expireddog explores bad art & graphic design, trashy photography & lifestyle and talks bluntly about mental health issues. There're a lot of photos of Darry's dog, Art.
The name expireddog appeared out of Darry's interest in film photography and expired film rolls (which, ironically, Darry hasn't tried using himself) and out of his experience caring for a sick dog (who's, fortunately, doing fine now). Sometimes Darry writes fiction, which, probably, will be published in the next issue of expireddog, so the brand name perfectly fits the content.
IS dead
expireddog is designed in the brutalist style, which opens endless possibilities to experiment with the content and the form.
Darry hopes that in a few years there'll be more creatives contributing to expireddog.