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expireddog is a project by Darry Landberg, an indie self-taught visual writer with an interdisciplinary approach
The project consists of selected visual art works and texts (3 short stories, 2 plays and 1 novel) made/written in 2018-2020. Having taken a cross-disciplinary approach, I explored the topics of overspreading anxiety, frustration, insecurities, fucked up (dysfunctional) families, claustrophobic open spaces, senses of otherness and not belonging. However, I don't believe, these works explain anything (the novel perhaps does, visual works are more metaphorical), my artist statement is emptiness and nothingness. I've always perceived the reality as an untrustworthy unstable concept, and the more detached I felt the more I painted.

The name expireddog has appeared from my love for dogs and for expired film rolls. And also from an uncomfortable thought that dogs actually do have an expiration date.
While making these project I've been living with my Belgian shepherd Art. He's been a huge inspiration, and since I'd occasionally taken analog photographs during ordinary dog walks, Art had participated in this project, too.

Apart from my dog, I'm hugely inspired by graffiti and street art, graphic and poster design (including Ray Gun magazine), Pink Floyd's and David Bowie's music, my old pink Sony Walkman, 8-bit video games (our lives resemble a game with multiple levels, don't they?), cars produced in the 1990s, vintage cartoons, lonely gas stations, and my favourite writers and novels (Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs by Irvine Welsh, Glamorama and the Informants by Bret Easton Ellis, Les Enfants Terribles by Jean Cocteau).

I hope that characters on my paintings and sketches resemble vintage American cartoons, since I tried to hold on to that Walt Disney's style when he hadn't been yet pretending that he liked kids.

Though I detest metaphors (I don't get them well) my writings are quite metaphorical, and in my short stories I love to play with words and grammatical constructions. I adore genre blending, stream of consciousness, sesquipedalian sentences with lots of unnecessary descriptions, and meaningless absurdist cinematographic dialogues. I believe that my drawings and writings can't be really separated from each other.

The expireddog project is temporary closed and permanently reopened (it's like Schrödinger's cat). I mean, that at the moment I'm working on something new. But updates will be announced sooner or later and some stuff will be added.
I'm interested in collabs and opened for commissions. I'm looking for illustration, poster, cover, and editorial design projects
hire me on dribble, drop me a line at bark@expireddog.com or DM
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